Black Soldier Fly Larvae as soy free, Alternative Chicken Feed, Hog Feed in Vancouver, BC, Canada


Black soldier fly larvae or Hermetia illucens: Ofbug is part of a research program using BSFL in fish feed. The grubs are sourced from a controlled, artificial environment. They are fed pre-consumer, clean, traceable food waste. They can contain 45% protein.

Mealworms as soy free, Alternative Chicken Feed, Hog Feed, Vancouver, BC, Canada


Mealworm or Tenebrio molitor: Ofbug breeds mealworms for small-scale, pastured poultry. These are fed pre-consumer beer grains sourced from Granville Island Brewery and White Rock BeachBeer! Mealworms are a source of protein, iron and calcium.

Lower Mainland source for Sustainable, Alternative, soy free Chicken Feed, Hog Feed, Vancouver, BC, Canada


We want to help farmers raise livestock responsibly. Protein in feed usually comes from soy or fish meal, which are costly to our planet. Using insects in feed is a simple, concrete foundation on which to build a more sustainable future.

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Humanely Treated Animals Are Fed What They Are Designed To Digest

Insects Replace Soy and Fish Meal In Feed. Soy and fish are an unnatural diet for farm animals. An unnatural diet and confinement causes animals to become sick, so they cannot grow and develop properly. To compensate, synthetic growth promoters and antibiotics are added to feed. 80% of antibiotics produced in the US are fed to livestock, that's 30 million pounds of antibiotics going directly into the meat we eat. We can do better.

Ofbug mimics the forage diet of farm animals. It is nutritionally superior than traditional sources of protein in feed. Ofbug can be 5% higher in protein than soy meal. That means you can use less with Ofbug. Ofbug also contains chitin. Chitin acts like a probiotic to contribute to a healthy immune system. That means the farmer needn't rely on medicated feed. Ofbug is high in omega-3 and vitamin A, at levels usually sought through additives. Ofbug is also a great source of iron and calcium which is ideal for consistent, large, and high quality egg production.

Ofbug is environmentally sound. Soy crops require huge amounts of water and land. Soy is produced as a crop monoculture; monocultures rid the soil of nutrients, so farmers use synthetic fertilizers/chemicals to keep the crop yield stable. We have become reliant on soy crops to produce meat. The amount of meat we consume has lead to a 500% rise in soy production over the last 40 years, just to feed the animals we eat. In the next 40 years our population will reach over 9 billion people.

Industrialised fishmeal takes advantage of small, oily fish species such as mackerel, herring and anchovies. Perhaps you don't enjoy any of these. But the fish you eat, do. It takes 4-5 metric tons of these fish to process just 1 metric ton of fishmeal. We're depleting an exploited ocean, and robbing ourselves of one meat source to feed another meat source.

Ofbug offers a real solution. We make a better product with our insects. Your health and the environment are our priority.